Go Global Holiday Club
Including the Watt families latest adventure, puppets Bert and Lucy, Bible Story narrations and loads more! 
John Hardwick's latest holiday club. 
Today we’re going to learn about a mission, a mission that seemed impossible
About some ordinary people like you and me, who in the end became unstoppable!
Empires have come, empires have gone but their mission seems to go on and on.
How did they do it? How did they share?
The gospel, the good news of God’s love with everybody everywhere!

This week we’re going to travel the world without even leaving this hall
This we’re going to look at some churches, some massive and some really small
God’s family living in all kinds of places, with different languages and different faces

With different music and different prayers, But meeting to worship God, and follow Jesus -everywhere!!!
Go Global Holiday Club is about how the Christian family grew and grew! Jesus said ‘Go into the world and share the gospel, the good news, God’s love with everybody, everywhere!’  This is the great commission! Everyone is welcome in this family!
If you think there are only a few Christians left then be prepared to be ‘blown away’! The Christian family is found all over the world, but how did it all start?  What’s it all about?  What difference does it make? How did it get to be so big?  The desire of each Christian should be to shine like a light in a dark world. 
Day 1: “Go, go, go!” - He’s Arrived!
Day 2: “Go & Grow” - Who’s invited?  Everyone!
Day 3: “Go Local” Switched on, powered up and ready to go! 
Day 4: “Go National” - Go anywhere and everywhere
Day 5: “Go Global” - Mission Impossible?    

This will include a
Go Gobal PDF holiday book but also the MP3's - all sent on-line. a link will be sent for the videos.

Currently only available on this website. 


Please contact John if you would like any more information about what he does or whether you can book him up!
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